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          ABOUT US

          Dingxiang Beicheng Flange Co., Ltd. is situated in Dingxiang County , the forging town of China . It is one of professional enterprises specializes in standard and nonstandard flanges, various round forgings, flanges used in wind-generation, bearing rings, ring gear roughs and wheel molds for large trucks as well as pressure vessel forgings. Our annual production has reached 15,000 tons with the maximum size at 5,000mm. Our company possesses high-effective numerical control equipments ...

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          CONTACT US  
          Dingxiang Beicheng Flange Co., Ltd.
          Address: Yangfang Development Zone, Dingxiang, Shanxi, China
          Tel: 0086-350-6071983
          Fax: 0086-350-6071868
          Mobile phone: 13834003340
          E-mail: shala@bcflange.com

          Address: Rm 402,2nd Unit,Xinan Building 105 Heping south Road,Taiyuan,Shanxi,China.
          Tel: 0086-351-6562080
          Fax: 0086-351-6562090
          Mobile phone: 13934631192
          E-mail: xhy@bcflange.com
          Website: www.cigar-wine.com


          copyright:Dingxiang Beicheng Flange Co.,LTD. E-mail:shala@bcflange.com 備案號:晉ICP備18014101號